Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Watching the thermometer tonight

With about three dozen potted tropical and annual plants outside here at Bill's TN Paradise, I'm not really happy about the frost advisory tonight (4/29/08) for Middle Tennessee.

I really don't expect a serious frost tonight, I'd say 37 F. at the lowest. It was 39 last night and the plants did fine. At 1:30 am, it's still 43.3 degrees, so I'm not too worried

I may plant my tomatoes tomorrow. I have 2 hybrid cherry trees to plant as well.

Local gardeners tip - the Mulch Co. on Lascassas Pike in Murfreesboro sells this stuff called "topsoil compost mixture." It sure looks good but I swear the stuff is toxic. I had planted two large healthy Leyland Cypress trees into that stuff last spring and even with all the watering, they both died - $300 down the drain and no warranty (since I bought them from a private nursery). I dumped half a trailer load of it out back and not even weeds will grow in it. Avoid this stuff!

If you want the best for your vegetable garden, use this stuff available at Home Depot called "mushroom soil". I usually till several bags of it in my vegetable garden.

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