Sunday, February 26, 2012

What a day ...

A day of quick changes ... and participation in diverse events.

Saturday morning 9:30 am -

I arrive at the college to judge music scholarship auditions of prospective music students at the MTSU School of Music.

10:15 am - I get home to don my sprinters tights and track suit to race in the Sewanee Invitational Indoor Track Meet - 60 miles away

11:30 am - Arrive at the track and begin warmups

12:30 pm - Run the 55m dash with guys 30+ years younger and manage to beat a few... running the third fastest time in the US this season in my age group. Photo: I'm in lane one. More here

3:30 pm - Run the 200m dash, beating 5 college guys and running my season best time, 4th in the US in my age group this season.

4:00 pm - Leave for Murfreesboro

5:00 pm - Quick change into a suit and tune my guitar in preparation for a performance.

5:30 pm - Perform classical guitar at Mike and Becky's wedding

What a day... great to have the lovely lady Iska with me all evening. Great to see Mike marry Becky, a lovely person, excellent cook, and a PhD Biologist. Good to see old friends, nice way to end a really full day.

Best of all, everything went great!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Winter hike

Iska, Daddy Zell, and Lily at Bridal Veil Falls - Sewanee, TN.

Beautiful winter hiking in TN.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

We met on Valentines Day, 3 years ago today

Some people are just lucky, I am one of them.

I met Iska 3 years ago today at a party after a concert I did at the Monteagle Winery. It was a 'practice concert' to prepare me for a 6 concert tour of the southeast.

The photo is from our first date, a warm late winter day on Raven Point, over looking the Firey Gizzard Gorge.