Thursday, April 5, 2012

Oh glorious spring ...

Spring has sprung early...

Just 2 full weeks of school to go. After 2 weeks of 80ยบ weather, warm pool, and lots of outdoor time, a little cooler weather is coming next week. Our last frost was March 4, more than a month early. I'm sure we're in the clear, no chance of a frost, and soon my tomatoes will be planted.

Love this time of year.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring in the Cumberland

10 mile hike in the gorgeous Collins Gulf was a great way to spend a perfect day.

One of the rockiest and challenging hikes in Savage Gulf, I joined Iska, John and Nancy for this moderately strenuous hike. This hike had a lot of vertical... including a 700' climb out of the gorge at the end of the hike.

The wildflowers were spectacular. We hiked to Schwoon Spring where we encountered a yellow canebrake timber rattlesnake on the trail. The dog ran right by it, didn't even see it. I picked it up with a stick and flung it off the trail. I'm sorry I forgot to get a photo of it.

Feet were a little tired but all is well. Ready to get back on the track tomorrow, but I will probably wait til Monday evening so I have the day to recover.

The day ended with a sober reminder about walking near cliff edges. A brother of a friend of mine fell 50' to his death off a bluff in Sewanee yesterday.