Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Xmas Eve

An exceptionally cold Christmas eve and morning in upstate NY.   Snow showers and temperatures in the single numbers.   Warm inside for the traditional lobster dinner.

Yelverton clan

4 generations

Susquehanna River

Thursday, December 19, 2013

moonset at dawn

Keeping some odd hours on the bluff this week.   Playing guitar to the setting full moon.  

A cold breeze, owls hooting, and the thunder of the Laurel Branch, rushing hundreds of feet below.
These are the dark days, the solstice is near.  

Friday, December 13, 2013

Feels like winter in Sewanee

This week, a Monday night rain turned to a frozen glaze on Tuesday.  Took a cell phone photo of the frozen wonderland on my walk through Abbos Alley.

Clearing skies provided some sunny days and stunning sunsets.

I hiked down to the roaring Laurel Branch Falls below my bluff and was reminded how treacherous the terrain is.  Locals have told me not to go 'down there' alone.   bah!

Last night's sunset looked like an erupting volcano.  There was one moment that was awe inspiring.  So grand, that many who saw the picture doubted it's authenticity.   Fortunately, I have a time lapse video of the sunset showing the momentary explosion of color.

Playing the Handel Suite and Albeniz' Mallorca at All Saints last night amid the holiday decorations was inspiring.  Have finalized my concert program for Feb.  Will be playing concerts in Sewanee and at MTSU in early-mid Feb.

Enjoyed the Folk Music concert at St. Luke's Thursday night ... some good Czech and Yiddish accordion music.


Icy trees
Laurel Branch Falls