Tuesday, October 30, 2012

the magic hour

Just before sunset, when the trees catch that golden fire light...

Looking out over the Champion Cove Land Trust, there is not ever a single light at night to be seen in that great valley. The full moon this weekend was spectacular. Tales of mountain lions around here are a buzz. If there ever were any around here, they'd be down there, in that wilderness.

Just doing a little work on the deck in this photo, and now, just finished. It's as solid as rock. Thanks to Evan for helping with the verticle pillar replacement. A 6x6x16 is the single biggest and heaviest piece of lumber you can buy from Home Depot, it must weigh about 180 lbs. Hard to handle. 

I love how my tree hangs over and shades my deck.   Feels like a treehouse.  I love the Sewanee stone dodecagon, like a stout little castle.   I love the big windows and sliding glass doors facing the bluff, and the two fireplaces upstairs, and downstairs in the bedroom.

Still astonished at the view from my bed every morning... and every sunset. 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

A slice of heaven

Morning view from my house
John says it has 'a tree house feel' ...

an observatory of earth and sky, a dream, a spiritual place.

A southwest view at a promontory point.

This is the view from my new cottage on the mountain in Sewanee, TN.

I'm going to fill this valley with the gentle sounds of guitar music.

First Sunset

After a storm

... more to come.