Sunday, February 26, 2012

What a day ...

A day of quick changes ... and participation in diverse events.

Saturday morning 9:30 am -

I arrive at the college to judge music scholarship auditions of prospective music students at the MTSU School of Music.

10:15 am - I get home to don my sprinters tights and track suit to race in the Sewanee Invitational Indoor Track Meet - 60 miles away

11:30 am - Arrive at the track and begin warmups

12:30 pm - Run the 55m dash with guys 30+ years younger and manage to beat a few... running the third fastest time in the US this season in my age group. Photo: I'm in lane one. More here

3:30 pm - Run the 200m dash, beating 5 college guys and running my season best time, 4th in the US in my age group this season.

4:00 pm - Leave for Murfreesboro

5:00 pm - Quick change into a suit and tune my guitar in preparation for a performance.

5:30 pm - Perform classical guitar at Mike and Becky's wedding

What a day... great to have the lovely lady Iska with me all evening. Great to see Mike marry Becky, a lovely person, excellent cook, and a PhD Biologist. Good to see old friends, nice way to end a really full day.

Best of all, everything went great!


democommie said...

Isn't that just like a teacher to have all that free time on their hands! ;>)

Sounds like it was a very fun day.

indianapolis patio furniture said...

Isn't that just like a teacher to have all that free time on their hands!

Maxime said...

Hey William, congrats for your track performances ! I stumbled upon your other blog sprintforever and I saw that you suffered an athletic pubalgia last year. I have the same thing, with the same exact symptoms you had, and after 2 months, it still won't go away. If you have time, I just wanted to ask you a few questions about how you were able to treat it succesfully. Sorry to post a comment on your blog about that (feel free to delete it) but it would really help me if you could tell me how you got rid of your injury.
If you don't have time, no problem !