Tuesday, February 14, 2012

We met on Valentines Day, 3 years ago today

Some people are just lucky, I am one of them.

I met Iska 3 years ago today at a party after a concert I did at the Monteagle Winery. It was a 'practice concert' to prepare me for a 6 concert tour of the southeast.

The photo is from our first date, a warm late winter day on Raven Point, over looking the Firey Gizzard Gorge.

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democommie said...


Happy Valanniversary, to both you and Iska!

I was in a local pub, "The Pressbox" up here in Oswego last weekend and got talking to the guy on the next stool. He mentioned Binghamton and I mentioned that I knew a great guitar player from there. He said, "It must be Bill Yelverton.". Six degrees or less!

I didn't catch his name but he said he was in school with your brother.