Thursday, April 3, 2008

On the road again, two ways

I'm off to perform my last guitar concert of the season at the Radford University International Guitar Festival. I'll be featured among some great players in including the awesome Jorge Caballero.

Radford, VA looks like a gorgeous little town. Happy to have a University car to drive the 400 miles each way.

It's like living a double life...
Yes, and I also hit the road again today with a hard running workout:

3 miles in 19:30
- 10 min rest -
2 miles in 13:18
- 10 min rest -
1 mile in 6:08

Coach calls this workout "AT1 + AC1" - must be a secret torture code.

Ouch! I can't keep this level of training up for too much longer. I think I will stop racing in May and pick it up again in the late fall. Is another PR possible? I guess I'll find out in the Purity Moosic City Dairy Dash 5K on 4/12.


Lisa said...

Every try just running easy & having fun? :P

Anonymous said...

No wonder college tuition is so high...students have to pay for their professors' perks like a University car!

William said...

Hey, I'm an artistic ambassador, I deserve the perks, like any senior faculty member. I recruit world class students to MTSU by virtue of my performing activities. The state is lucky to have me.