Sunday, April 6, 2008

Back home. Nice trip, good concert - mission accomplished

Saturday, I performed at the Seventh Annual Radford International Guitar Festival at Radford University in VA.

Also performing on the festival were Carlo Barone (Italy) , Jorge Caballero (Peru) and the Mayes Duo (USA).

I was happy my concert went well since I was playing a substantial and challenging program. I was happy and flattered that Joseph and Kathleen Mayes stayed an extra day to see my concert. Joseph is the President of the Philadelphia Classical Guitar Society and invited me to pursue a concert on their series. He had positive comments about my playing.

Such a rainy trip, never saw the sun until I got back to TN today. I hauled ass back, making the 400 mile mile drive in 5 1/2 hrs.

I stopped at Hurricane Bridge over Centerhill Lake and took this photo of my MTSU car. The Impala ran good.

The lake looked higher than I'd seen it in a while so I checked and YES!! It is now high enough access Burgess Falls by boat... and since I have tomorrow off, that's where I'll be - right here.

It's really great to be home and to get this concert behind me and few $$ for my efforts. It almost feels like this is the start of my summer vacation even though we have 2 weeks of school left.

Even while on tour I managed to get a 45 min tempo run in with some hill repeats in those beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.

Today, I did my scheduled ball buster workout:

2 miles at race pace: 12:36
6:01, 6:35 -mile splits

10 min rest

9:35 mile and a half (3:11 avg/half )
2:55, 3:21, 3:20

10 min rest

6:00 mile (3:00 avg/half )
2:51, 3:08

I couldn't seem to put 2 consecutive sub 3 min halves together today. Probably because I'm a few lbs heavier, thanks to Pam Trent's wonderful after concert dinners. I'm really dubious that I have another PR in me if I run Sat. If I do, a PR will have to be a gut-wrenching effort.

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