Monday, April 7, 2008

Burgess Falls by boat

Burgess Falls, April 7, 2008.
Can you see the faint rainbow over my head? I was getting soaked. It felt great. The falls were really rippin' today. An excellent way to spend a Monday afternoon.

A rare approach by boat today. It may be the last time I get up there by boat this year. I hope not, but I hear that the USACE will be keeping the lake low for dam repairs.

I love this place, hope I'm able to return. I've never been here any other way than by boat... although I hear some people drive here in cars. (boring... long drive).

Kudos to Tana, for taking the photo and her bravery in climbing the trail from the base of the falls. It was her first time on my boat and we were pelted by fierce spray as we climbed the steep narrow trail to the top. I'd never seen the falls so powerful and so much spray. Awesome.

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Old Man and mid pack runner said...

that's cool.........great way to spend the day.