Monday, April 21, 2008

Pool opens - summer starts

It's not officially summer yet, but for me it is! The regular academic year ends this week at MTSU and my pool is open and heated... so that means summer vacation here at Bill's TN Paradise!

MTSU had their yearly plant sale and I stocked up with annuals: impatiens, begonias, ferns and other tropicals. Plus, I put out all my tropicals for the season, assuming that it's a good bet we won't see another frost.

Not only are the plants great looking, they also provide a screen giving the pool complete privacy. (Much of the time when it's hot, I can't be troubled to wear much clothing).

Heating the pool has become much less expensive with the electric heat pump as opposed to the old propane heater. I keep the pool around 87 F, and it costs only about $50-75 a month with the electric heater. It was 3 times that with propane heater or more.

All things are back to normal at Bill's TN Paradise after the electricians put back my main electrical service that was knocked down by a falling branch (insurance claim) ... and, I fixed a leak in my hot tub by gluing a complex series of PVC connections. Whew, that saved a $250 service call.

Looking forward to getting my tomato garden started. I ordered several of these "giant tree tomato" plants. They're supposed to grow 8 feet in 3 months. We'll see if they pan out.

Happy spring and happy summer vacation!!!!