Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Last race?

So, this weekend might be my last 5K race... the last for a while. Whatever ... it would be good to end with another PR.

I had a few good days of training this week but cut today's intervals a little short. 6 fast halves instead of 8 - I jogged 2, ran 6.

Here was my week:

Sunday -
two miles in 12:36 (6:18 pace)
- rest 10 min -
one and a half miles in 9:35
- rest 10 min -
mile in 6:01
Monday - off
some moderate hiking
Tuesday -
6 miles in 43:07
(7:11 pace)
Wednesday -
1/2 mile warm up
6 halves with 3 min rest/walk in between
2:38, 2:49, 2:50, 2:50, 2:52, 2:49
1/2 mile jog warm down
plan for the rest of the week -
Thurs - off
Friday - two miles - easy, one half - fast
Saturday - Moosic City 5k as I push myself in hopes of one more PR.

There are two races closer to home but I think this run will be more competitive and is certified and chip timed so, I'll be up early Sat.

A high school track friend of mine told me that distance running of a mile and up is all about guts and determination, and not much about speed. I disagree. We have a team member who ran a 4:25 mile in high school. I can't imagine putting 4 consecutive 65 sec quarters together. That IS speed. But for old guys like me with mediocre ability, guts and determination can go a long way.


Old Man and mid pack runner said...

you're selling yourself short. your workouts are quicker than mine and this old man has run a 19:23. you're ready for sub 19:00 already.

take care of the knee, ice and more ice. ibuprofen is a runners best friend.

Lisa said...

Yes, listen to him. :)