Monday, February 18, 2008

Painful speed work begins again

My neighborhhood is perfect for doing speed work. No traffic, and my block is exactly 1/2 mile.

So, after a week off, I've been doing resistance work, quads, abs, hams, etc... and distance. Today, since I don't work, I got back to speed work, running half mile repeats. My times were slower than usual. I gained a pound or 2 during the week off.

I promise not to be a "runner nerd blogger" and post my daily workouts, but here was my first in a while:

  • dynamic stretching, half mile warmup

  • half mile in 2:44 (90% effort)
  • 3 min rest
  • half mile in 3:06 (5 k race speed+)
  • 3 min rest

  • half mile in 3:07 (5 k race speed+)
  • 3 min rest

  • half mile in 3:10 (5 k race speed+)
  • 6 min rest

  • quarter mile in 1:04 (90% effort)

I'll probably do some stretching and plyometrics later. I really like Tom Green's regime. I'm focused on racing in the 55m and 400m dash at the Mason Dixon Games in Louisville on 3/7 and possibly running the Tom King 5K on Sat 3/15, even though I play the opening concert in the Tennessee Guitar Festival that same night. The Tom King 5k looks like a fast course. If so, I hope to get into the teens.

I don't want to get too greedy and try 100% sprinting for at least 12-14 days. I hope to do some timed sprints with blocks and spikes after 3/1 for reference. I just need to find someone to operate the stop watch.

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