Sunday, February 10, 2008

On official State business - playing guitar concerts

It sure is great to have a state car and credit card when having to drive 700+ miles to play concerts. Another perk of being under the 'state umbrella'.

My guitar and lute concerts at MTSU, Austin Peay State, and Mississippi State went well. It was great to teach Dr. Michael Patilla's students in a masterclass last Friday at Mississippi State. I'm looking forward to my last concert of this stint on Tuesday night 2/12 at Martin Methodist College, deep in the heart of TN ... Pulaski.

I'm also looking forward to getting my slight leg strains healed so I can start training again and maybe run in at least 1 track meet before the indoor season is over. It feels so weird to go more than a few days without running. It was devastating to have to withdraw from 2 track meets with injuries. I was so looking forward to sprinting last Sat but had to scratch because of a right hip strain. I went to the meet anyway and watched the 55 meter dash. It would have been great fun if I was healthy, I would have stuck out like a sore thumb. I would have been the only sprinter in the entire event of 4 heats that wasn't "a brotha" ... if ya get what I mean. My last opportunity may be to run in the Mason-Dixon games in Louisville, on 3/7. I just can't wait to get 100% and get in the weight room. I'm convinced my salvation will be high rep resistance work, especially with my quads, and a lot of stretching. But first, I must force myself to rest a minimum of one week. That could be the hardest task of all.

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Lisa said...

At least you aren't blowing crap all over the road like I am doing every time I run more than a mile. I'm so tired of it. :(