Sunday, February 3, 2008

Blasting out of the blocks

Update: 2/9/08 -
Unfortunately, after last night's workout, it's my right hip this time that will keep me from racing today. Since there are other opportunities to run this season, I'd better not race today since it is slightly painful to walk. Damn, I thought I was ready. Anyway, played a few concerts on the road and they went well: Austin Peay and Mississippi State.

Today was a milestone. Yeah, I played a decent concert last night, but what has really got me enthused is that today, I tried out my new sprint shoes on the MTSU track. Wow. What an awesome feeling. These Adidas Demolisher 2's felt great. I did a dozen or so full speed starts. I am 100%, no pain, no muscle strain whatsoever! Today was the first day I've been 100% healthy and able to sprint full blast. The quad resistance work I had been doing has paid off. I'm really pleased with these new shoes (see below). I wear a size 7.5 training shoe (Saucony Pro Grids), size 7 racing flat (Adidas Adizero PR), but with these Demolisher 2's, I wear in a size 6.5. They are worn without socks and fit like a second skin. Very snug.

As a sprinter, I feel I may have a muscle imbalance as my hams are much stronger than my quads. I think doing speed work for distance running - running fast quarters and halves doesn't develop the quad strength and power required for sprinting. Running steep hills, resistance work and plyometrics are essential for sprinting - the 'drag racing' of competitive running. It'll be interesting to see if sprint and distance training will compliment each other. I'm inclined to think so.

I just love sprinting, it is so much less painful than those 5K races I've been running. I'm also extremely light, the past few days I've weighed under 140 lbs for the first time in possibly 30 yrs, and I feel great. Fast. A 47 yr old sprinter, how weird is that? No wait, a classical concert soloist who is also a 47 yr old sprinter ... now that's truly weird.

Looking forward to getting a few concerts out of the way and seeing what I can do in the 55 meter dash next weekend in the MT Valentine Invitational. It'll be a new beginning for me, a starting and reference point as a new masters sprinter.


Lisa said...

It is a time for "weird" things, William. ha! An unpredictable election looms & David's defense beat the living crap out of Goliath's "unbeatable" team.

Go Giants!!!!!!!!!!!

Lisa said...

"Can I feel it?" Nah, just the usual B.S. surrounding the political arena.

Everyone has the words out there but where's the actual plans. I say, "Show me the money."

Leaning McCain at this point. :P

William said...

lol... I noticed you listed GW Bush as your 'hero' on your myspace page. OK, no more politics on this blog... go to my other!

Lisa said...

LOL, do I need to dig up negative stuff on the democrats and link it to your blog comments? Nah, I'm too classy for that.

Yes, GW is one of many of my heros and I'm very proud of that fact.

William said...

No, do it do it! That's what Loose TN Canon is for. Do it there, not here.

Now that's something to be proud of. OMG!