Monday, February 11, 2008

Nashville Symphony recording wins three Grammys

Hey friends in LA, NY, Boston.... you think you got a market on culture? Well, the Nashville Symphony just beat out the Boston Symphony, the LA Phil, and Atlanta Symphony to win the Grammys for Best Classical Album, and Best Orchestral Performance. (The NY Phil wasn't even nominated, heh).

The Album -Tower: Made in America also won Joan Tower a third Grammy for Best Classical Contemporary Composition. story

It was also gratifying to see the great jazz pianist Herbie Hancock win Album of the Year amid all the rap crap and country you usually see winning such awards. Refreshing indeed!

Also, friend and former MTSU staffer, Bruce Nemerov from Murfreesboro won a Grammy for Best Album Notes category for the album: John Work III: Recording Black Culture.

Also of note, Barack Obama won a Grammy for Best Spoken Word Album:
The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream - it is his second Grammy.

Grammys... no big deal. My neighbor down the street has a cut on a Grammy winning album and my office neighbor at MTSU has 10 of 'em.

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But, be afwaid, be vewy, vewy afwaid--I hear that John Williams is going to write a symphony based on "Duelling Banjos".