Sunday, March 16, 2008

Tom King 5K report: another PR

But far from satisfied...

I wanted very badly to break 20:00 in Saturday's Tom King 5K but I failed. Damn it. ... by 6 seconds: 20:06

Oh yea, I have plenty of excuses... running in the pouring rain, lack of sleep, only a week of real serious training, stress that I had to play a concert that night and play host to people coming into town to stay with me. The real reason is - I was just too damn eager, I went out too freakin' fast - 5:47 first mile split... then... I died. I just did't have the conditioning to maintain that pace. I whimped out, couldn't cut it, couldn't take the pain. I ran the whole first mile with the lead group of about 10 runners, then got passed by 15 people to finish 25th overall out of about 450 runners, 4th in my age group out of 25. I have a seriously competitive age group 45-49. Mark Carver won the Masters overall in 17:49 and he's 49! Any of us top 5 would have won the next younger age group (40-44).

On the bright side, it was my sixth consecutive Personal Best 5K time, but only an improvement of 6 seconds, but better than going the other way. I also played a decent opening concert later that same evening at the TN Guitar Fest.


Old Man and mid pack runner said...

one week's training isn't enough to know your pace.

sent you a link to athlinks.

sub 20:00 next time.

Lisa said...

Stop whining, you did GREAT! :)
Purity Moosic is not that far off. Go for it there.