Wednesday, March 5, 2008

MTSU Guitar students perform live on Nashville Public Radio - Tequila Flamenco

Silviu Ciulei, B.J. Golden and the Flamenco band Tequila performed the second half of an all MTSU "Live in Studio C" Tuesday morning 3/4/08 on Nashville Public Radio, WPLN FM 90.3.

MTSU Faculty string trio played the first half: Xiao Fan Zhang - cello, Sara Cote - viola, and Andrea Dawson - violin.

Have a listen to Silviu Ciulei - Nashville area's only 'real deal' Flamenco guitarist and singer perform with his band. Sound files will be available for listening to this specific live performance through 3/10/08 at the WPLN web site. Tequila starts at around 29:00 into the recording.

In case you miss it, here's some YouTube clips of the band, and of Silviu playing solo. Also, check out the clips on Tequila's myspace page. The rhythm is in their blood.


Lisa said...

There's a photo of runners from the Zoo run in the strider's newsletter. I got it in the mail yesterday. You are in it.

William said...

Thanx, haven't seen it but just as well, I'm not real photogenic.