Saturday, March 22, 2008

Running straight and flat in the Sunshine State - UPDATED

It never occurred to me that running a course with corners would take so much extra time. Here in FL, I did my standard hard workout on the straight and flat and was suprised by the times, considering I wasn't racing.

3 Mile Run - 19:29
Mile splits: 5:52, 6:35, 7:01 (yea, went out too fast... again)

10 min rest

2 Mile Run - 13:42
splits 6:26, 7:15

It was a ball buster. Not used to the humid air, but at least I could run shirtless and at least it was cloudy (Sunshine state? It's raining right now).

I'm playing a guitar concert tonight in The Villages, an upscale retirement community an hour from Orlando where all the houses look the same and everything is incredibly clean and neat. Everyone commutes in golf carts.

My last FL workout was 8 half mile intervals with 3 min rest in between:
2:42, 2:55, 2:47, 2:47, 2:52, 3:03, 3:05, 2:48

The pressure is on again this weekend. I MUST get a PR in the Runnin' to Beat the Blues 5K. I can't break the string of 6 PRs in a row! I'm nervous already. I must go under 20 !! OMG, I gotta do it ... I must, I must, I MUST GO UNDER 20!!!! .... help, help ... panic ... I can't break the string !!! ... I MUST NOT fail !!! ....

(are we havin' fun yet??!!)

Just for review, here has been my evolution as a 5K runner:
22:56 - 12/1, Jingle Bell 5K
22:40 - 12/07, Rudolph 5k
22:35 - 12/08, Chick-Fil-A Frostbite 5K
22:17 - 1/1, Resolution Run 5K
20:12 - 1/26, ZooRun 5K
20:06 - 3/15, Tom King 5K

Tomorrow - my last hard workout before the race. Going to run 3 one mile intervals with 6 min rest in between. They all need to be under 6:10.


Three one mile intervals with 6 minutes rest in between.
5:48, 6:08, 6:16
I slacked on the last one a bit, only ran the last quarter hard.
My body weight is good - 138 lbs after workout.
(I actually weighed 25 lbs more at one time).

During that first mile, I definitely had thoughts of "Oh shit, why am I torturing myself like this again?" But I must say, it's great to be fit and I feel very good now that the workout is done. Definitely worth the work. I say run while you can. To be 47 and able to outrun any one of my students half my age is not a bad place to be.


Lisa said...

Obsession sometimes leads to PRs! ha!

Old Man and mid pack runner said...

"I ran the whole first mile with the lead group of about 10 runners."

Let the lead pack go, you want to be behind them. 6:15 or so for the first mile, then 6:10, then gut out the last mile.

Geez, your workouts are a heck of a lot quicker than mine.

William said...

Old man, thanks for the links you sent, and for the advice and encouragement. I find it hard to pace myself, just lack of experience I guess, I've never been an endurance athlete ... I ran my first 5k less than 4 months ago.

I sure hope someone is out there calling out splits on Sat. That would be helpful.