Monday, November 26, 2012

I love maps

I've been wanting to order a custom topo map from and was looking at this preview.  Here's a small piece of it.   Cool to see my house on it's promontory point on the map - easy to see why the Feasters picked this spot.

What a view.  Thomas, my insurance agent was just here for some photos, he was awestruck.  He stood on the bluff for a few minutes in silence.

What's in a name?

A friend was alway saying my place of residence was appropriately named since he thinks I "live the life of Riley"... and in Murfreesboro, I live on "Riley Rd."

Here in Sewanee, I live at the head of Champion Cove.


Living in the trees ... fog still thick on the bluff at 10am.  Can't see Stapleton's ridge.  Plants are enjoying some moist weather.   Well, off to the track...

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