Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sewanee social, meetings, odd events

I was happy to volunteer on Friday for Sally and Christi to play at the local Arts Council potluck dinner and meeting ... held in a nondescript building behind the water plant in Tracy City... as Sally put it, a situation that could elicit 'culture shock.'  But, no ... it wasn't bad, not exactly the perfect first impression for Sarah of the mountain.   But... after Julia's fish tacos, a campus tour, a visit with the Princes, and a nice fire back on the bluff... it was a wonderful evening.   Our Saturday morning hike, coffee with Pete at the Blue Chair, and tour of the Rung's cool new construction, capped off a nice visit.
Joe, Geoff, Andrew, Clayton, Sally, Nancy

After Sarah left to attend a function with her daughter, I had a few hours to sit and relax before my party ... then it happened.  I felt my house move.  WTF was that?   A wind gust?  No, it was definitely a freakin' earthquake!!   Sure enough, after checking the USGS list, at 12:08pm, there was a 4.3 earthquake centered in the KY mountains.  Wow.  If I hadn't been sitting still, quietly relaxing in my new loveseat futon/chaise lounge, I probably would not have even noticed.  It was really weird.

At my party, I was happy to meet Dick and Ann Posen whose mom lived in this house.  They had photos of the construction of this place ('72) and interesting stories.  Vic, Andrew, and Joe came up from the 'Boro, and Sally, Maggie, Geoff, John, Nancy, Clayton, and Linda came by.

I had no idea of the connection that was about to be made.

Andrew Lytle Nelson, long time friend of the Princes, is a first cousin of the famed Sewanee writer/professor, Andrew Nelson Lytle.   When I introduced Geoff Roehm casually as "the coffin maker," it didn't quite click with Andrew.  Then, John explained that Geoff was the maker of Andrew Lytle's casket, an episode memorialized in Sullivan's highly acclaimed book Pulphead.  Andrew stood up and hugged Geoff.  It was a great moment.

We all watched the sunset.  Sally said, "thanks for buying us a house on the bluff, Bill."

Hangin' on the bluff...

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