Sunday, November 25, 2012

Mom and Dad visit Sewanee

Mom and Dad liked my new place in Sewanee.  We enjoyed a wonderful sunset on their last night here.

Mom brought me my first Sewanee Xmas tree and Dad treated us to some nice meals.  We enjoyed hanging by the fire and reading the history of my house in the collected letters and photos of the Feasters loaned to me by Patti Posen.  We also enjoyed touring Sewanee and hanging with the Princes.  I think my parents like it here and will want to return.

Dad agrees, photos of this view can't prepare you for how grandiose it truly is.  Dad also agrees, a hot tub on the deck is essential!  My parents unceremoniously fled town at 2:15 am Sunday morning to escape holiday traffic.  (Dad's sleep disorder comes in handy!)

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