Saturday, December 1, 2012

My furniture-making bent

I got a load of heavy oak barn wood from my  neighbor, Hans.  This stuff is old... at least 150 years, judging by the 19th c. vintage square nails in it.  There were 4"x 6"s, 2"x 8"s, and a 1" x 14".

I made 3 end tables, a long table/bench, a king bed frame, and the most labor intensive thing - a solid oak cutting board/kitchen island.   The kitchen island was a serious project I could not have done without Joe Smith's joiner and wood clamps.   I laminated four 2x8s together to make the surface.  I ripped the 4x6s in half to make super stout 4x3 legs.   This wood is so hard, I broke 3 lag bolts assembling it.  After sanding, I finished it with food grade mineral oil.

The big 1"x14"x12' made four tables.   Even though the table tops are sanded silky smooth, you can see the sawmill blade marks and an interesting green color.  

The king bed is actually situated the long way against the wall, so it is extra wide.  I fashioned smooth wide arms on both sides with sanded pine so it looks like a giant chair.  I left verticle wood on each side so I can add an integrated bookcase on each if I want to.

The view from this bed is tremendous, no need for a headboard.  The fireplace at the foot of the bed is idyllic.

I think this rustic barn wood funiture fits my Sewanee house perfectly.   Now, I can give my hands a rest and play some guitar.

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democommie said...


Nice work. I'm not sure I'd use lags but, what the hell, if it works, it works.

My sciatica has been giving me fits for the last couple of months (some of the people I treat badly on other blogs think it's because I'm in pain or enraged--simpler answer, they're idiots) and it's been slow going with the house.

The dog is happy, the house is almost as tight as a drum and I can cook, bathe, sleep and well, whatever else I need to do, with a fair degree of success.

Cheers. Happy holidays.