Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas in snowy NY - 2012

Christmas photos of the Yelverton clan.   

Yelverton clan - Christmas 2012

Tom's reconstruction of the Conklin house is amazing, and the old family room's woodburning fireplace was restored.  The floor is now heated with pipes as well.  Pretty cozy.  

We're bracing for a major winter storm on Wednesday night.  We could get a foot or more of snow.

Kris and Sabrina are expecting their new son any moment... Kristiano Rafael Yelverton.

I spent some of my Christmas morning on the track at my old highschool (after sweeping a lane clear of snow).

Too many presents!

Sweeping a path to sprint on

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democommie said...

Happy holidays, William, to you and yours.

Sweeping a path to sprint on?

I'm gonna come up with a "No Steps"
program for people addicted to exercise.

We got what looks to be about a foot last night up here in Oswego.