Friday, January 2, 2009

Holiday season in upstate NY - inspiration for the New Year

Happy 2009!

Here's my xmas snowman from my parents' home in NY.

Our family was inspired this holiday season by my nephew Kris. On Christmas eve, Kris invited a friend to have dinner with our family that he knew would be alone otherwise. His friend Joel is a very big guy, a shot putter from the Caribbean. What made this so inspiring for me was that my nephew Kris not only made the effort to accommodate Joel on Christmas eve, a complete stranger to our family's home, but made the effort to learn ASL (American Sign Language) to communicate with Joel who is deaf and does not speak. Joel was a classy polite individual and my nephew Kris set an example of good will and thoughtfulness that set the tone for our holiday season and New Year. At xmas dinner (below), Dad remarked appropriately about what Kris had done. Kris had extended himself to accommodate a friend, even learning a 'new language' to do so. Way to go Kris!

One of my resolutions for the New Year is to be more kind, be a better friend, give what I can to help people, and be a better person. I've been lucky to have what I have in life, especially my family and friends.

After some delicious 'food sport' at Cracker Barrel on New Years Day, I was happy to drive to Cookeville where Tana and I collected her mom's cat Phylicia, so she could get her shots updated. Tana continually impresses me with her commitment to animal care and well being. She has a big heart for animals and is a wonderful person. I've learned a lot from her about pet care.


Glenda said...

Nice holiday! The snowman needed a carrot nose (or did you put that in your vegetarian stew?)

My boys are in Binghamton until the 11th, visiting grandparents and various other relatives. Has it been pretty cold there? Anyway, at least they're getting to see some snow.

Happy New Year!

William said...

The weather has been really variable, snow when I got there, then 60 degrees and then back to snow.