Thursday, January 8, 2009

I AM a sprinter

Not just any sprinter... a white 48 yr old sprinter.

Today, I worked out with the MTSU sprinters under the watchful eye of USATF Hall of Fame Track Coach, Dean Hayes. I took several gun starts with the team. It felt great. No injuries or strain. I ran several full speed sprints letting up after about 30m. I preceded this with an hour long warm up of jogging, stretching, and a variety of striders and lunges.

It was really cool to hang with the team. Many of these sprinters are here on scholarship from Africa. Being the only white guy and twice their age, they treated me so politely and were so friendly, it was a joy to be there. I felt like a kid again. I can't tell you how much fun I had. I was definitely a curiosity. Like that writer George Plimpton who used to write about his experiences as an ordinary guy doing extraordinary things. When the gun went off, I definitely did not feel out of place. Even though I was just slightly faster than some of the women, I did have one real good start where I was only 2 steps behind the guy leading at 30m when I let up. Based on the times these guys run, and how far ahead they are, I would estimate my time to definitely be over 7.

I think a realistic goal for Sunday's Ed Temple Classic would be 7.2 for the 55m. According to Masters Rankings, 7.2 is listed as the "all-American Standard" for my age group for the 55m. There has been only a few times posted for this event in my age group thus far this season, and no fast electronic times.

Dean Hayes asked me if I was ready, and I said, "I only have to hang together for 7 seconds... hopefully 6.9."


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