Sunday, June 1, 2008

Capturing lightning on video

It takes a lot of luck to get a good video of a lightning strike. What's more exciting than a severe electrical storm with frequent deadly lightning? I tried last night and got a few clips, but nothing as spectacular as the video below where I came close to videoing my own death. Funny, the closest lightning strike I'll probably ever experience ... and I got it on video. The funny thing is, I was specifically trying to capture lightning on video.

One evening, during a storm I took my digital camera in movie mode up to my second floor sunroom that has a glass roof and walls, the perfect room for experiencing storms, (I call it the rain room). After recording for a few seconds, I turned to my left and BAM! Lightning struck just 50 feet away near my carport. It surprised me so much that I moved the camera and yelled 'whoooa shit' !! In this clip, the last thing you see is the quilt on the futon as I flee the room. The explosive sound and stunning ethereal brightness was so instantaneously blindly, I thought the very room I was standing in was taking a direct hit.... like the bright silver hammer of Thor coming down on my head. But as the lightning flickered 3 times, as a frame by frame analysis of the video shows, I realized it was a near miss... or a near hit, but a spectacular video. Actually, it creeped me out a bit, I didn't go in there during storms for a while.

Definitely a "whooaa shit" moment... very exciting !

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