Thursday, June 5, 2008

Another entry in the new breed of 200 mpg+ cars

The Aptera - yet another entry in the new breed of ultra fuel efficient cars.

They are taking orders for the electric and the hybrid models. The hybrid model generally gets between 200 and 300 miles per gallon depending on how long the trip. The car is said to have a top speed in excess of 85 mph and able to pass crash safety tests. It will cost "less than $30,000" says the manufacturer.

It looks like these types of innovative new technologies will be coming from small businesses and inventors instead of the Detroit automakers. Detroit seems a bit too ingrained on previous designs and methods to deliver a revolutionary concept car that can achieve 200+ mpg, especially American car makers. It's good to see this project coming from the US. The previous fuel efficient cars I've cited are both German. I like this one, but not as much as the German Loremo.

You can reserve yours now on the Aptera web site for a refundable $500 deposit. Delivery will be one year.


Lisa said...

So, when is yours coming in?

William said...

Probably in 5 yrs when my Honda dies, my house is paid off and the technology is widely available, I will get one of these ultra fuel efficient cars. My 19 yr old civic get as good or better mileage than the new Hondas (around 40 mpg) because it has a 1.5 l engine. Honda doesn't make any engines that small today. I don't know why. I cruise on the highway for hours at 80 and have all the power I need, the A/C works great, everything works. I just put 2/3s of a tank of gas in my boat. $194

Lisa said...

So, how was the bonaroonie area?
Did you go to the doc yet?

William said...

I had to replace a battery, so I haven't gone down yet. Bike has to be 100% to run from the cops.