Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My ensemble: The Stones River Chamber Players Live in Studio C on Nashville Public Radio

The Stones River Chamber Players:
Deanna Little - Flute, Andrea Dawson - Violin, William Yelverton - Guitar

If you haven't heard the Stones River Chamber Players, check out some of the soundfiles on our website.

We play stuff people like. Visceral and evocative music, not the standard Mozart & Beethoven (even though we do that too!). We play mostly fresh new music that draws influences from Folk, Jazz, Latin and World music. Some call it 'concert classical crossover music.'

Today on "Live in Studio C" we played music of German jazz guitarist and composer Günter Möll. Transition Man is a piece with rock, jazz and folk influences. Rarely performed and unpublished, we did the TN Premiere of this work on 11/19/07 at MTSU. We played it a bit slower than it should go, to be safe on live radio because this is a brand new piece for us.

The performance will be rebroadcast tonight - Tues Nov. 20, 2007 at 8:06 PM on Nashville Public Radio. WPLN 90.3 FM - Nashville, WHRS 91.7 - FM Cookeville, WTHL 91.5 FM - Tullahoma, and WPLN 1430 AM.

In case you miss it, you can listen to the live recording of the TN premiere of this piece on the SRCP website.

The great thing about playing on live radio is that we can wear jeans and take our shoes off!


Newscoma said...

It's wonderful. Just wonderful,

Anonymous said...


I will have to see if I can listen to it on the web. Or go pluck the sounds of NPR's archives.

Do we buy your music online or what?

I just got an e-mail from one of the "Lost Boys" (a Syracuse based Bluegrass/roots quintet) who said he just finished making an album in Nashville recently. He said he might want to use on of my badly lit photos on the cover of the CD. That would be cool!

I heard Traonach from Ithaca, NY, up in Oswego last saturday night. They are also a quintet. Some very interesting Irish music. It's difficult for me to be a critic as I can barely play anything but they sounded great. One of the players played guitar, an african sort of guitar harp, and the shreedy box (from India, I think).

I also saw Odetta, Hugh Masekela, two of the Klesmatics and a bunch of other folks at a concert last tuesday. The set was a bit contrived but it was a joy to see Odetta, though wheelchair bound, still able to sing beautifull. Hugh Masekela was the bomb.


Anonymous said...

I wish I could download you on itunes. How wonderful it would to be to listen to you when I'm waiting in airports. Take my mind away from the the stress of the airport.

William said...

You should be able to download mp3s from our site and my solo soundfiles site.