Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Bringing the plants in - TN's first frost

Here at Bill's TN Paradise, fall season presents a yearly task - bringing in the plants. 3 dozen or so tropical plants that usually line the pool, have to taken in to one of two sunrooms for the winter.

The upstairs sunroom, also known as 'the rain room,' is a favorite hangout spot during rainy weather due to the glass ceiling. Even on dark and rainy days, this room is always bright and cozy, thanks to the new gas fireplace.

The larger downstairs sunroom, where the cats live, also becomes a tropical paradise in winter. Equipped with hot tub, fireplace, and TV, it is an excellent place to spend time.

Plants always do better outside but it is nice to have them indoors for a few months every year.


Kathy T. said...

I love how your bedroom looks with all the plants! I've linked your post on Shak & Jill (, a national blog about buying and selling a home, and everything in between. :) Kathy T.

William said...

Ah.. it's actually not my bedroom but i do sleep in there sometimes.

Ivy said...

LOL, you're getting 2 links from the Shak people today, I'm going to link to you from, too. Great minds think alike!

Anonymous said...

Bill, you have got TOO much time on your hands. I can't believe how much you have on your website. LOL but you're still cute as ever. I enjoyed watching your concerts online and listening to you again.