Sunday, December 2, 2007

My first 5k race

Running for me has been a lifestyle. I do it a lot, I've never blogged about it and I've never entered a 5k race, until yesterday. In the Nashville Jingle Bell 5K I finished second in the 45-49 age group with a time of 22:56. OK for a first try. I'll do better next time, I guarantee it.

The race had a turnout of about 400 total runners. I showed up with my nylon hiking shorts, cheap Walmart sneakers, and 2 pairs of hiking socks. Not knowing the course, I found it difficult to pace myself and started way too fast, staying with the leaders way too long.

From a family of track athletes, my expertise was sprinting. I was a NYS sectional indoor 60 champion in HS. (My brother a 2-time NY State Champion polevaulter and record holder!) I never liked distance running as it always felt like 'slow pain.' My short and powerful legs are built for fast starts, not 3 mile runs. But now I'm running for a different purpose: not to win, but to stay healthy and fit for life. I might try this 5k race thing again in a few weeks.

What do you think, not to bad for an old guy, aye?

Thanks to Shirley for the excellent photos.


Anonymous said...


Congratulations. Like you I am not a LD runner (nor SD, for that matter). My large and flaccid thighs are built for 'stoolin at the juke joints. If there's no siren, I ain't runnin', if there is, move over, bub, I'm motorin'!

I'm closing on the hovel of my dreams, next Thursday. Of course the weather has changed so now I will be lugging the trash out and the cabling, piping, mechanical equipment, sheetrock and trim in, over the winterslicked tundra that my yard-to-be has become.

I went to see Sweet Honey In The Rock, last night, up at SUNY Oswego. They were great. Someone I know said they weren't going because the group was too "Christian". I heard about God, but not GOD. I heard a lot, too about self-awareness and the need to become the best we can be. Their vocal harmonies were simply incredible. It was a treat.

Just remember what Satchel Paige is supposed to have said:

"Don't look back--they might be gaining on you!"


Lisa said...

U can shave off time by getting new shoes, running shorts, and not wearing any cotton at all. Cotton is EVIL when it comes to running. :P

Anonymous said...


Thank you for that advice. I knew that wearing my 100% pima cotton underoos is what kept me from having a sub-2:00:00 5K. Maybe if they had, instead of water, jelly donuts at the "rehydration" sites.


Anonymous said...

Someone on your right looks familiar, you must have been drafting.. ;-p
Jacob C.