Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Honda Civic - the finest designed car ever

Rebuilding the old Honda

When I slightly wrecked my '89 Civic Hatchback I thought about buying another car. Well, I didn't.

Even though it's got 195,000 miles on it, I decided to fish around in junkyards and rebuild it. I couldn't find many acceptable used parts so I bought mostly aftermarket parts including a new hood. No, I doubt I'll go to the expense of painting the black hood the right color, it runs well and gets 38 mpg. That's all I need it to do. I don't need it to be all the same color.

I was disappointed when Honda changed the Civic Hatchback in 2001 to a 2.0 liter sport coupe with much less fuel economy compared to the 1.5 liter engine in my car. Civic Hatchbacks are one of the most sought after used cars on earth. Probably because they run forever and are so well designed. The model design looked very similar for years up until that unfortunate change in 2001.

This car could run forever, probably needs a new timing belt/water pump/ cam seal but, maybe next month.

Honda Civics of all types have consistently received high marks and have lasted longer than most cars. The Civic Hatchback is one of the most copied car designs in history. Even BMW makes one very similar.

Long live the Civic Hatchback DX.


Lisa said...

I LOVE my "paid off" '03 honda civic!

CADster said...

while i do like hondas (i own 2), i dont care for honda fanboys.

as with almost everything Japanese (except for VTEC), they copied the design from another.

the hatchback was a renault innovation back in 1955.

honda was not even making cars back then.