Friday, October 5, 2007

No more boat visits to Burgess Falls?

Visiting Burgess Falls by boat

One of my favorite destinations, a true paradise. Visiting Burgess Falls on Centerhill Lake on my 24' Sea Ray cruiser was like having a home in paradise. I would often go on a weekday and have to place to myself and my guest(s). Now such visits may be a thing of the past. I had heard (by a communication from a marina owner) that Centerhill Lake is being drawn down to a level below 620' for a period of 6 years. To get a boat under the falls requires a minimum depth of around 645', to get within hiking distance, about 639'. I'm glad I went up there this year. It was great, as clean as I've ever seen it.

For a boater, Burgess Falls is a natural air conditioner, a constant wind and spray is generated by the falls. Sometimes I'd stay there all day, even take a nap in the boat or watch a movie while enjoying the breeze coming through my cabin hatch. I always anchored the boat and swam to shore to hike up to the middle falls where you can walk behind the falls on a hot day and also up to the observation deck.

This spectacular boating destination I will sorely miss if the lake is in fact drawn down for 6 years. I hope perhaps some heavy rain might swell the lake at some point to make the falls accessible again. It was a great part of Bill's TN Paradise.

(H/T: Chris)

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I'm camping near Buttermilk Falls in Ithaca, tonight. Not as big by any means, but impressive in their own quiet way.

Watch out, that picture will probably draw Numbernone over here to criticize your hypocrisy.