Friday, October 26, 2007

Coffee: You want the best?? This is it.

Aay mon.... the shipment's comin' in.... from Jamaica, just a few more weeks... it's really good shit. The best!

The best coffee in the world. (It better be for $80 a pound). Peet's is once again offering for sale their special reserve Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee., from one of Jamaica's oldest estates.

Peet's offers this rare coffee just once a year and last year, they sold out in 2 days. They have a larger supply this year, but it might only last a week or two. It is sold by the half pound at $39.95.

There are probably a lot of counterfeits and lower quality Blue Mountain blends. Believe me, not all Jamaican Blue Mountain is this good. Peet's explains -->


Jamaica Blue Mountain will ship only on Wednesdays starting November 7, 2007.
Jamaica Blue Mountain is subtly complex with a smooth texture, generous aroma, nuanced flavors, and perfectly balanced body and acidity. There are stringent regulations around what coffees can be called Jamaican Blue Mountain. The coffee producing area of the Blue Mountains is tiny, and just a few Estates now produce the old-style quality and mild, aromatic flavor which made this origin so famous. Our pick is worthy of the name - 100% pure, grown on Estates dating from the 1800s, and processed by hand in a plant from the same era. It’s the combination of the unique regional conditions - rich soil, lofty altitude and cool mists - along with meticulous quality control in processing that makes this such a prized coffee.

The interesting thing about Jamaica Blue Mountain, is the perfect coffee to drink black with a dessert or piece of chocolate. The stronger I brew it, the richer it tastes. Even when I've brewed it strong, it never tastes bitter. Last years coffee was awesome.

And I drink so little coffee, maybe one or two cups a week, I've been able to make 1/2 pound last a year. I have other coffees, but once in a great while, like tonight, I drink the Blue Mtn. I've got my order in, hope this years was as good as the last.

As a daily tea drinker, Peet's Assam Extra Fancy is the good stuff. $48 / lb. and worth it. A pound lasts a long time.


Anonymous said...


There was a piece in, maybe, National Geographic, a while back about JBM coffee. The author went to a coffee plantation owned by a guy who refuses to sell his coffee to the Blue Mountain marketing agency (he says they screw the farmers and make a fortune off of them--sound familiar). The guy who wrote the article said it was the best coffee he ever drank in his life.

I had some at Balducci's in NYC back in 1985. The fellow who poured it told me about it and when I asked him the price, he said, "$36, the pound." I'm guessing if Balducci's hadn't gone out of business the price today would somewhat higher than that which you quoted.

Are you familiar with the very expensive Tea shop near Greenwich Village? It has a scottish name I think but is owned by a chinese family. There is a tea shop in Newburyport, MA called "Sloe and Licorice". It's owned and operated by Bill Silliker. If I can find a link I'll shoot it along.


Anonymous said...

Gee, if I had known you like BM so much, I could have been bringing it back to you for years when I go to Jamaica for work. Your kitchen looks good, but you look too thin. I think you need to add some meat to your diet. You're all skin and bones!
-take care buddy :)