Monday, September 24, 2007

From the NC mountains

Photo taken in August along the Cherohala Skyway, near Robbinsville, NC.


Anonymous said...


Good morning. Nice photo, is that a "sulphur" something or other butterfly?

I drove down NY 3 from Palermo, NY to Plattsburgh, the week before last and the fall color was just starting to show. I'm in Omaha for family and friends stuff and a drive in the country out here is always nice this time of year. The Smokies it ain't, but still quite nice.

I saw a picture of your boat and "SUV" down below and now know what Nickelbag9 was ranting about. Nice "SUV", I own one, too a 98 Ranger that gets about 25 mpg. My next boat will be my first.

Enjoy the fall and then get back over to Loose Canon. I see you have a troll there already.


William said...

Thanks, I know that road from Plattsburgh - beautiful.