Friday, February 28, 2014

MTSU alumnus Matt Palmer at Carnegie Hall

Matt Palmer was selected with short notice to perform on the prestigious D'Addario Carnegie Hall Performance series.  He received a standing ovation:

This concert came about when a Taiwanese guitarist was unable to make it, the D'Addario Foundation had to scramble to find an American virtuoso to fill the bill.  Most people spend years preparing for a NY debut in this, the most hallowed concert hall in the world, but Matt pulled it off with three days notice, and from all reports, rocked the house.

Even more remarkable for me as a teacher, I had heard that it came down to 2 main choices: both MTSU graduates!  Silviu Ciulei was the other person they had contacted.  Silviu told me today that Michael Newman, a prominent NYC guitarist had contacted him about a 'possible concert in NY' ... not hinting it was Carnegie Hall.  The Foundation President told me she had a hard time deciding between the two.   I told her to consider Silviu for next year.  Silviu this weekend is competing in the Schadt Concerto Competition.  God, I hope he wins it.  $8000 first prize.  He took 3rd last time.

I don't know if there is a higher honor for a teacher to have a student receive a standing ovation in Carnegie Hall ... save for perhaps 2 students.   Next year, Silviu.

Matt demonstrates his nail sanding technique in between pieces in Carnegie Hall

Matt getting ready to bring it - the Green room selfie, Carnegie Hall

Matt has come a long way from the days of heavy metal and working on cars in the tiny east TN town of Fall Branch.   Here's Matt pulling an engine from a Chevelle...

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democommie said...

I haven't sanded any of my fingers in a while but I have managed to partially amputate one and get arthritis in most of them. I picked up my poor, neglected Takamini, today, and was able to play for almost five minutes before my left hand cramped so hard I had to pry my fingers off the neck.

I am grateful for my personal fortune and dangerous good looks, it salves the pain of not being able to play "Louie, Louie" or "Smoke on the water" anymore!