Sunday, February 2, 2014

Groundhog day - end of winter in sight?

It's been a cold winter, lots of cozy fires and snow in Sewanee.  Today, the tables are turned and Nashville/Murfreesboro is expecting snow tonight and just rain on the mountain.  This afternoon, Murfreesboro was at 37º and Sewanee, a much warmer and foggy 51º.  

While forecasts don't show any terribly cold weather in the near future, early March usually gives a late season snow before it's all over.  

With several over night lows in the single numbers and two, below zero, I think this has been the coldest winter since 2009-10.   I'm really happy that Sky Castle in Sewanee has proven to be a very efficient and cozy cold weather home.   Electric bills never higher than the $140s, however, I fear what the next bill will bring in Murfreesboro.  I expect it could be pushing $400.  

Here are some photos of the recent bitter cold.

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