Thursday, March 14, 2013

Presenting the new Sky Castle weather station

The Weather Center

Using a Davis Vantage Vue weather station and WeatherCat software, I have installed an automated reporting station at Sky Castle in Sewanee.

To my knowledge, it is Sewanee's first such weather station that is integrated with the Weather Underground's national reporting database.

I also will retain my Vortex anemometer in addition to this weather station since my Vantage Vue instrument package is compromised from collecting good wind data from the north by trees.  The Vortex will be mounted above tree top level.  I thought it simply too risky to mount the expensive and fragile Vantage sensor package atop a 39' pole.  It would be very difficult to service.  So the Vantage package is mounted about 18' high on the edge of the bluff in the old satellite mount.  It has a vertically unobstructed view of the sky and the wind data from the south and west is unobstructed.  So, I will check wind data from both sources.

Here you can see my data:

From the Weather Underground network:

I also added a Weather Underground web 'sticker' to my sidebar on the left of this blog that shows current conditions at a glance.

I secured the domain name: and have integrated a web cam.   That site is my personal site and is updated every 15 min and has a broad array of graphs, data, and a webcam which I hope to improve soon.  (The present webcam has auto focus and sometimes it doesn't focus properly.   I hope to get a better webcam at some point).

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View 'from' (not of) Sky Castle .... small suggestion.