Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Guitar and moon

It was a great week... some random photos: the crescent moon setting and the gift of being able to play a 1947 Hauser I guitar in mint condition at a friend's home.

 This guitar is the Stradivarius of guitars. It is worth significantly more than I paid for my house. There are about 500 Strads in the world, but only a few Hauser I guitars. The provenance of this guitar is amazing. It was literally paid for with food and medicine by a physician to the Hauser family that was living in a desperate post war Germany. All of the collected letters between Hauser and the doctor are in the owner's possession. Fascinating.

I'm hoping to have my Handel Suite ready soon, maybe I'll play in church sometime in the near future. I'm just loving playing guitar again.

A bell like tone, rock solid basses ... this guitar gives everything I ask from it with sweetness, balance, and clarity.

 A dream guitar.


democommie said...

I was talking to a feller at a local event the other day. He spends some time in Nashville, working with Victor Wooten as his tour manager. I mentioned that I knew a great guitarist, originally from Binghamton, who lives down thataway. He asked for a name and when I gave him yours, his wife said, I know Bill, his mother was my dance teacher. Six degrees indeed.

That guitar looks nice but it takes someone who really understands instruments to know what it is. I'm pretty sure my Takamini sounds better when someone else plays it!

William said...

Wow, interestng connection. And yes, the guitar is worth more than my house.