Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sunset, moonscape and a new weather instrument

Sky Castle has a new anemometer... a wind speed gage.  This model is an Inspeed Vortex 2. Thanks to help from Evan, I was able to get this heavy 30' section of galvanized pipe mounted to my deck.   Spend a good part of the day creating a support for it and then, at dusk, I checked my mail and the anemometer was there.  I HAD to mount it that night.   A High Wind Warning was forecast.   So there we were, me and Evan holding this 50 lb, 30' section of galvanized pipe in a stiff wind in the dark.  It was a challenge but we got it up there.

The height of my anemometer is 39' off the ground, 27' higher than the floor of my deck, just clear of the tree tops.   The World Meteorological Organization has set the international standard height for wind measurement devices at 10 meters (33 feet) above ground, so I'm doing pretty well.  Of course winds from the W/SW are completely unobstructed.  Last night the wind was blowing from east so the readings weren't as high as they would've been if it had been a westerly.  It blew an Adirondack chair off my bluff.

Last night, the Vortex2 got a workout -  the maximum gust recorded was 37.6 mph from the east.

Anemometer mount
Display gage - current/maximum
 The sky brought some amazing beauty again this weekend.   Friday night the near full moon was so intense you could see fog forming in Lost Cove.

The sunset wasn't too shabby either.

Next project - planning to build a screen house with a cone fireplace in a few weeks.   That should be amazing.

Moonscape - Lost Cove

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