Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Random photos

Just another sunrise from my deck.   Happy Fat Tuesday.
Looking over my shoulder from my bed this morning, I was stunned at the beauty of this morning's sunrise, though I did go back to sleep.

Sky Castle, Sewanee, TN - 2/12

Sewanee house.

Murfreesboro house, kitchen.


democommie said...

Good morning, William:

Great pix, as always. I like your art piece. Is it metal or what?

Sorry to hear about the waking (walking?) cast, M.D.s can be real buzzkills!

It's about 15 degrees at the moment headed for a high of 16 if Wayne Mahar is to be believed. We've had a bit of snow this year, about 75" so far and some supposedly headed our way this afternoon, tomorrow.

My truck is making, "fix me" noises and I'm suffering from some indefinable malady that involves lots of fluids and rest so the truck will remain unfixed for another day or six.


William said...

Wow, you're definitely in the lake effect belt.

We rarely seem to get snow anymore here. Once or twice a year more than an inch.

Our last 'big' snowfall was March 1 '09.... about 4 or 5"

William said...

Actually, winter 10-'11 we had a total of 12.5" , last year, just a trace.