Sunday, February 17, 2013

Firewood, snow showers, and sunsets on the mountain

Thanks to a little help from my Dad, I replaced my stolen chainsaw with the best - Stihl MS261 Professional model.  It was the best 18" saw the dealer had on the shelf.

Stihl MS261 - the Mercedes Benz of chainsaws

With the temperatures dipping into the teens Saturday night, I had both my fireplaces cranked (although not at the same time).  My bedroom fireplace really takes the chill out of the air.

Spending nearly $700 on a professional chainsaw and accessories is a little over-kill for my needs, but I had a professional model chainsaw stolen, and I wasn't about to accept a downgrade.  This saw should last me for life.

Saturday, I spent hours cutting and splitting firewood.   It was blustery cold with snow showers.

It was cool watching snow showers blowing through Lost Cove from my perch up in Sky Castle.

Snow shower blowing through Lost Cove, 2-16

The weekend offered some spectacular sunsets and sunrises. Last week I photographed the sunrise so today, I'll offer up a sunset. The sun is setting further north on the horizon and soon it will move behind the ridge.

Painted sky over Lost Cove

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