Thursday, March 8, 2007

Iraq 'surge' Commander Gen. Petraeus: "No military solution..."
Iran begins to take political control of Iraq

The Iraq Study Group said it, John Kerry said it, Chuck Hagel said it, John Murtha said it .... now the leader of the "new Iraq surge strategy", General Petraeus has said it, "There is no military solution to a problem like that in Iraq." Yet our leaders continue to send our young people to die.

In the madness of King George and his neocons worshippers, the main goal is to save face for a failed plan. So they desperately throw American lives and money at the problem instead of doing what Gen. Petraeus and every thinking person has stated from the beginning, pushing a political solution with Iraqis and countries in the region. But, in the words of cowboy diplomats, 'ya can't negotiate wid dem terrists'.

Iran understands this and now they are quietly taking control of Iraq through political means.

The Bush failure in Iraq is multifaceted. This is the price we pay for cowboy diplomacy. More than 3 US soldiers have been dying everyday, 24 killed the first week of March.

Sending Little Girls to Die

In this photo we see Cpl. Jennifer Parcell, a pretty and petite 20 year old from Bel Air, Maryland. Gosh, she looks so young - she could be 14. She was killed in Iraq by a bomber on February 7.

Does it bother you that our leaders who refused to serve in combat are sending little girls to fight and die in Iraq without proper equipment, support and a plan?

It bothers me, a lot.

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