Thursday, March 8, 2007

The Road to Impeachment

AOL Poll:
Should the House conduct a Bush-Cheney impeachment probe?

Yes 64%
No 36%
Total Votes: 107,019 Vote
(unscientific web poll but congruent with recent Bush approval polls - CBS 29%, Zogby 30%, Newsweek 31%)
  • Congressional hearings on Plamegate coming up next week.
  • Congressional hearings on politically motivated firings of 8 federal prosecutors
  • The Justice Department Inspector General has just issued a report saying the FBI has violated the Patriot Act and illegally obtained phone and financial records without a court order.
  • Impeachment resolutions introduced in state legislatures; cities across the USA vote to Impeach Bush - VT WA IL CA NM MN
Considering all of the above, the Libby conviction, the Walter Reed scandal, and Iraq Iraq Iraq - an Impeachment probe is the next logical step - it is what America wants ... unlike when Clinton was impeached with an approval rating of 73%.

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