Sunday, September 15, 2013

Riding, racing, loving nature

After my morning race in Chattanooga, I took an awesome ride at Jackson Point.

This is a point on the Cumberland Plateau that has been cleared for development unfortunately, but like Myers Point, has not sold.  In one week they are selling 230 acres of this spectacular land in an absolute auction.

At the end of the point, there is pinnacle where there is a 360ยบ view with Sweeton Cove on one side, I24 and the TN River on the other side.  From there,  I watched the sunset.

The new road down to Sweeton Cove is amazing, it drops 800' down into the beautiful Sweeton Cove community.   What a ride.  It an off road cyclists dream... lots of flower lined trails through the woods, all fairly close to my house.

And I get to come back to an even better view... without the distant noise of the highway.

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Anonymous said...

I'm sure you've heard this before...perhaps many times but you do have a 'real eye' when it comes to photography ..... very nice shots!