Sunday, September 29, 2013

project: porch awning - updated ... again

A new porch awning on the Sky Castle porch made from recycled metal roofing.   Added a futon with an all weather cover and a steel fireplace/grill.

The fall sunsets will be spectacular from here.  Oh, the view!  

UPDATE:  I stained the beams and added a sunshade.  Now it's a 'sleeping porch'.
(see below)

Second Update:  I added a large field stone under the fireplace, a full width color matching shade, a table/wood bin, and a 90º elbow on the stove to divert smoke away and keep water out.  I slept out here twice this weekend.


democommie said...

That looks like a good place to have a cocktail or six. How's the hand doing?

William said...

Good, everything is 100%

Anonymous said...

Simply perfect !!

WEY The Senior said...

Roll Up is a nice touch. Great pics of Roya ... she's stunning and you're lucky!