Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My rock

Owning a piece of the bluff, this rock, this house... a sanctuary, an observatory of nature and sky... it's idyllic.

The weather station has been down a bit, but now the weather cam has been relocated and everything seems to be working fine.   I have new web hosting for SewaneeWeather.com, so hopefully, it'll be up for a long time.  Long live the Sky Castle weather station.

Yesterday, we hiked down into the gorge.... to the waterfalls.   First time this summer.   Always challenging.  I'll never go down there in that jungle without my GPS.   No trails, very wild and challenging.  Due to the tree canopy and 'disappearing creeks'... it would be easy to get lost down there, as I found out last October.  

Roya took this photo of me at the base of my bluff.  A beautiful rock it is.

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