Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Reverence for the natural world

The summer canopy over my deck at Sky Castle is full again.

I hadn't been here in 2 weeks and I see the recent rains have created a steady roar from the creeks and falls below in the cove and a lushness in the forest.   The weather station measured almost 4" of rain here Sat.-Mon.  April was very wet, 10.51" of rain, most of that in the last several days of the month.

It's nice, in a way, to have it still cool enough to use my fireplace.  Morning lows have been in the low 40ºs.  Sometimes the temperature differential between here and Murfreesboro has been 10º to 12º, where it's usually only 6º or 7º.   The moist cool weather has brought a kaleidoscopic majestic play of fog and light in the cove - see the time lapsed videos below, all recorded on Monday 5/6.   Note the video at sunset where a south to north wind shift abruptly created fog.  The fog this morning was also stunning but I couldn't get myself up to photograph it.

I was happy to meet Michael who runs the local greenhouse... to know I can get fresh picked organic lettuce of so many varieties is truly a privilege and a local boon.  He already has tomatoes.

I found a delightful showery waterfall just 100yd walk from my house and easy to get to. I'll have to remember that in the hot summer months. Looking forward to more spring storms.

Showery falls

"Nature is a library of divine thoughts to the spiritualized mind."

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