Thursday, May 23, 2013


Two photos: before and after sunrise.
Lost Cove, Sewanee, TN

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democommie said...

Nice pix.

We have some pretty incredible water features up here in CNY, too, y'know. Why, just the other day, when I came home after an absence of about five-six hours I found one in my laundry room. The majestic waters of the Oswego Water Dept. fountaining out of the slim, but elegant 3/8" Pex faucet connector onto the walls, across the floor and down into the cellar. About a thousand gallons, I'd estimate. No finished floors, painted walls or cellar drywall (all figures for these items are currently at "0" in my domicile!) were damaged in the making of said water feature!

It was winter at Lake Placid over the weekend.