Sunday, January 6, 2013

What a FUN band!!

The Jake Leg Stompers

They describe themselves as: "Chicken-fried, Pre-war, Hokum-billy Jug Music". Playing blues and old time acoustic music, it's about as fun as it gets. You'll hear fiddle, banjo, tuba, trombone, washboard, spoons, guitar, bass, accordian, jugs, mandolin, great singing, jokes, and then some.

Awesomely fun!!'


democommie said...

NB:most of the guys who actually had "Jake Leg" weren't so thrilled about it!

Here's links to a couple.


The Billy's (a duo that Billy Jonas was 1/2 of) did some shows I went to back in the 90's. They've since parted ways. Their music was good and their wit was keen.

M Shanghai played the Music Hall in Oswego several years ago and they used one mike for 11 or so musicians. It was quite interesting and sounded great.

William said...

Feel like I have Jake leg... broken foot and limping for the past 10 days. Like that Shanghai band.

democommie said...

Sorry to hear about the foot; is it casted or just wrapped?

William said...

No special wrap or cast, just thick socks in a hiking boot. Been walking on it since day 2. Should be back to running next month.

William said...

Geez wa I wrong. Out for at least 2 more months. Doc made me wear a waking boot. See him again in 3 weeks.